Welke modellen zoek ik?

I am looking for female models or couples (m / f) who like to pose for me. Nude posing should not be a problem for you. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to info@janbleekerfotografie.nl. Except that the models always older than 18 years, I do not use a maximum age. A model of, for example, 40 years can just as well be photographed come as a model of 18 years. A small tattoo on the back or shoulder is no problem but rather no large tattoos that for example a whole arm or back cover.

A piercing is no problem, if it can be removed Make up can, as much as natural as possible. Reimbursement is possible in the form of photos and / or money, but preferably I give the compensation on a TFP basis (Time For Print).
As a condition I state that the source files (the so-called RAW files) remain in my possession. If you do not want this, I ask for a fee. We will determine the amount of the compensation in the introductory meeting. The source files then come into your possession and you can decide for yourself what you do with the photos. From publication on my website. te is dan geen sprake.

If you are interested, you will first have an introductory meeting. You can do that at your home or at my home. In this conversation I will show you my photo books. I would like to know which photos you like and which do not. I do not feel like photographing you in a situation that you do not like. I also tell about my working method and I am already trying to make arrangements about which kind of photos I want from you going to make.

The introductory meeting is without obligation. You can decide not to pose for me after the interview. But I can also decide not to go photograph. I also let you read a contract stating that I can not sell and / or exhibit the photographs taken before writing permission from you. If I want to put the photos on the Internet (on this site for example) or want to exhibit at the Kamasutra fair, then there will be a a separate agreement has been drawn up which states exactly which photos may be made public. In short, it means that you retain the image right but I have the copyright.

It is absolutely NOT photographed during the introductory meeting! If you have decided to pose for me, then preferably the first time in my home is done in an improvised studio. The second time can be somewhere else, but that always goes into consultation. If I doubt the age of the model, I will ask you to prove your age by, for example, a passport. Given the nature of my photos, I never photograph models younger than 18 years, not even after parental consent.

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