30 jaar mmodel photography

For more than 25 years, I have been photographing model photography intensively in black and white. Until 2008 photographed with films. The films were developed in-house and the photos were enlarged in their own do nkere ka mer (DOKA). A beautiful time where light was played on all fronts. Both with the camera and in the darkroom.
But after about 2000 everything changed very quickly: The technology progressed further and digital technology made its appearance. The computer programs were more professional so that I can also take part in digital photography. Because black and white is and remains my passion. It draws the photos to artistic atmospheres where the emphasis is on composition and lines. In addition, the videos and other dark material were less well available. And this will only get worse in the future. All the more reason to switch to digital photography. I photograph with a Pentax K100 with an 18-250 zoom objective in color. With the program Lightroom from Adobe, the photos are converted into black and white in RAW format. With an Epson R3000 printer, I can print the black and white photos that do not fall under the analogue photos.

All studio photos on this website have been photographed in an improvised studio at my home.

In the early 80s of the last century, well before the introduction of the internet and the digital camera, I started taking pictures with a simple camera. You had to determine the distance and the aperture yourself. Cameras that automatically set the shutter speed and aperture were outrageously expensive. The b / w photos were developed manually and the photos were enlarged in a darkroom

The best photos came in a photo book, and I still use photo books.The technology has changed, but I still show models in my photobooks.

The photos are first made in color in RAW format and the photos are read using Adobe Lightroom and converted to w / w. If necessary, the lighting, contrast is adjusted and any unevenness is retouched. This also did at the time in the DOKA when I still worked analogue. It is therefore not possible to give the w / w photos to you immediately after the photo session. But adding or removing objects with Photoshop is not done with me. This also applies, for example, to road touchering of tattoos.

In principle, the photos are not sold, if there is any interest, they will contact you in advance

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