If there are a few good photos during a photo session, I ask the model (s) if I have the relevant photo on my website. With me, the model has the last word. So if it is no, it is no and becomes the photo not posted. It is recorded in writing which photos may be placed on my website.

The photos do not have to be placed under your own name. Some models, which are on my website, under another name. The models that are not under their own name on this website are: Anja, Jolanda, Liesbeth, Luna, Nelly, Tanja and Sjelle

I stand on average once a year with a small stand at the Kamasutra fair in the Art Gallery. Usually in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht in January or September. I then show my photo books and on the wall a few photos are hanging in a passe-partout of my best photos. Interested parties can then give up as a model. If I think your photos are suitable to show at the Kamasuy fair, then I ask permission for this separately.

In principle, the photos are not sold. If there is an interest, we will contact you in advance