To digital photpgraphy

Since 2011 I have switched to digital photography. I was honestly forced a bit. My photo trader left I know that the Ilford HP5 rolls of film will slowly become more difficult to obtain. You can continue to continue, but sooner or later you have to make the switch.

The photos are initially made in color in RAW format. The photos are read using Adobe Lightroom and converted to black and white photo. If necessary, the lighting, contrast is adjusted and any unevenness is retouched. This also did at the time in the DOKA when I still worked analogue. It is therefore not possible to give the w / w photos to you immediately after the photo session. But adding or removing objects with Photoshop is not done with me. This also applies, for example, to road touchering of tattoos.

The black and white photos are packed in a ZIP file and placed on a protected part of my website. You will receive the link by e-mail so that you can download the ZIP file

Optionally, the photos can be printed (up to A3 size) on a professional printer

Screenshot of the Lightroomprogram