I started with photography in the early 1980s. Small camera, semi-automatic (aperture preset) and with film. My favorite was the HP film FP4 and HP5. Developing and expanding in one dark room

First through a photo club, later I purchased my own enlarger and accessories. And always in black and white. It was easier than color and affordable. And although everything is digital these days, black and white is still popular with me.

I found models by placing a small notice in a local newspaper. The response was great then. Approximately 10 - 15 responses per advertisement. You can dream about that now. First one arrange an introductory meeting. And show your photo albums during the introductory meeting. But realize that there was no internet back then and certainly no mobile phones. I still use this method. I still show the photo albums during the introductory meeting, even though there are many options to show your photos on the internet. And a 1-on-1 conversation works In my opinion it is still the best way to build trust. And trust is the basis of model photography, especially with nude photography.

Things changed when the internet arrived around the year 2000. The calls in the newspapers yielded fewer and fewer responses. When the digital camera was introduced later, anyone could take photos without developing and enlarging the photos in the DOKA. In short: anyone could call themselves a photographer. Nowadays Facebook and Instagraam do the rest. A photo taken with a (mobile) digital camera travels across the internet at lightning speed.

But a lot has also changed in the analog field. The digital camera made photo paper, film rolls and chemicals less and less available. That's why I switched to the digital camera. But I have made an agreement for myself: I will continue to photograph in black and white.

The further development of the internet forced me to NEVER put the photos I took of a model on Facebook and/or Instagram. Purely to protect myself and the model. The photos will only be placed on my own site (after written permission from the model).

In the meantime, I purchased a professional printer that can print photos up to A3 size. Although the printer is now quite old, it still works. Feedback sturen